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The D-Link DKVM-2 is a 2-Port keyboard, Video, and Mouse switch. It enables you to control two different PCs using one keyboard, monitor, and mouse. It provides many easy to use features and is perfect for home and small businesses.
76,15 KM 68,54 KM


96,45 KM 86,80 KM


The D-Link DKVM-4U KVM switch is a handy device that allows you to control up to 4 PCs using only one monitor, keyboard and mouse. The monitor and the two input devices are connected directly to this KVM switch and not to the client computers. For office users with a need for several PCs, this KVM switch box eliminates the need for several monitors, keyboards and mice, saving the money and desktop space. The DKVM-4U is also a cost effective solution for control of several servers in a computer room, allowing an engineer to handily manipulate all connected computers from a single monitor, keyboard and mouse.
105,10 KM 94,59 KM

DAP-1620/E D-LINK WiFi range extender

DAP-1620/E D-LINK WiFi range extender
130,80 KM 117,73 KM

DCH-S150 D-LINK PIR senzor pokreta, 802.11b/g mydlink Home

Imagine opening your door after a night out. The lights turn on and your favorite song begins to play. Magic? Nope. When you pair your Wi-Fi Motion Sensor with a Wi-Fi Smart Plug, your home reacts to you in amazing ways. Something moving at home? It’s probably just the dog or the delivery man but you shouldn’t have to wonder. Your Wi-Fi Motion Sensor works with your Wi-Fi Camera so that whenever motion is detected, you can view what’s happening right on your smartphone. Easily connects with your existing Wi-Fi network. Add Wi-Fi Smart Plugs to other rooms, your work place, or a vacation home.
68,20 KM 61,38 KM

D-LINK DAP-1320/E Wireless Extender N300

Wireless N300 Range Extender portable plug-in Easy to set up, easy to use Compact, convenient design
53,80 KM 48,41 KM

D-LINK DAP-1330/E Wireless Extender

N300 Wi Fi Range Extender •802.11n/g/b Wireless LAN •10/100 Fast Ethernet port •Two external antennas •Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2)
65,55 KM 59,00 KM

D-LINK IP-CAM Wi-Fi DCS-930L IP camera, zoom 4x, det.pokreta, mail alarm

Simply connect the cables, plug in the camera, run the short installation wizard and setup is complete. To view what the camera is seeing, simply log on to mydlink.com, choose your device, and start viewing - there is no need to configure your router to open up ports or remember hard-to-memorize Internet addresses.
85,50 KM 76,95 KM

D-LINK IP-CAM Wi-Fi DCS-935L IP camera, mydlink Home, zoom 4x, det.pokreta, mail alarm

The mydlink Home Monitor HD allows you to monitor your home, whenever, from wherever. See everything in full colour high definition 720p with sound. The built-in night vision allows you to see up to 5 metres even in complete darkness. Its easy to setup, connects to your home Wi-Fi and can even alert you when motion or sound is detected. Whats more, it works with other mydlink™ Home smart devices to enable you to create a smart home without complicated setup, installation cost or monthly subscription charges.
179,20 KM 161,28 KM

D-LINK IP-CAM Wi-Fi DCS-942L IP camera

D-LINK IP-CAM Wi-Fi DCS-942L IP camera
317,20 KM 285,48 KM

DSP-W215 D-LINK pametna uticnica, mydlink Home

Control Your Devices From Anywhere Meet the mydlink Wi-Fi Smart Plug (DSP-W215). It allows you to turn your devices on or off, wherever you are Turn Devices On/Off with the Mobile App Instantly turn devices on or off from your smartphone or tablet. Create On/Off Schedules for Your Devices Set your devices to work for you whenever you want. Help Prevent Your Devices From Overheating A thermal sensor will automatically turn off overheating appliances. Monitor Your Energy Use Keep an eye on your energy usage and save a few bucks
78,65 KM 70,78 KM

IP kamera D-Link DCS-2132L

IP kamera D-Link DCS-2132L
396,50 KM 356,85 KM